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Love Matters
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THE FRENCH “SOUL” KISS 7 years, 2 months ago #1112

But don’t stop at this.

Surely, there is more to your tongue than merely its tip. Probe fur­ther. Go deeper. Gen­tly caress ‚each other’s tongues. For, in doing this, you are merg­ing your souls. That is why this kiss was called the “soul” kiss by the French who were said to be the first peo­ple to have per­fected it.. The French have always been a lib­eral minded peo­ple. And, it is because of the fact that they dropped Puri­tanism many years ago, that they were able to. per­fect them­selves in the art of love and, par­tic­u­larly, in the art of kissing.

Learn from the French.

Learn also from the Old Romans , espe­cially Cat­ul­lus, whose love poems to Les­bia have lived through the ages because of the sin­cer­ity of his pas­sion and the genius of his abil­ity to express his emo­tions in the form of beau­ti­ful poetry. For it was Cat­ul­lus who wrote:

“Then to those kisses add a hun­dred more,
A thou­sand to that hun­dred so, kiss on!
To make that thou­sand up to a mil­lion;
Tre­ble this mil­lion, and when that is done,
Let’s kiss afresh, as when we first begun.“

Kisses cost noth­ing. So kiss on. There is one thing that you can­not. take away from peo­ple and that is the abil­ity to make love to each other. Despite the fact that the world suf­fered from a long depres­sion, peo­ple con­tin­ued to get mar­ried and they con­tin­ued to have chil­dren. In fact, accord­ing to recently released fig­ures, there were, more chil­dren born dur­ing the depres­sion than there had been in good times. This means that, although mar­ried peo­ple did not have money, they still had them­selves. They still had love. They still had the abil­ity to kiss as they pleased and when they pleased and as often as they pleased.

Another poet asks:

What is a kiss? alack, at worst,
A-single drop to quench a thirst,
Tho oft it proves in hap­pier hour,
The first sweet drop of one long shower.

Because kisses cost nothing.

So kiss on. Keep on kiss­ing. Rare old Ben Jon­son real­ized this when he wrote that, if he had one wish, it would be that he could die kiss­ing. But it is not only the robust and lusty poets, like Ben Jon­son, who are glut­tons for kisses. There has been attrib­uted to John Ruskin, an old fogy of a philoso­pher if ever there was one, a request from him to a young lady friend of his that she “kiss him not some­times but con­tin­u­ally.” Still another poet wrote:

Kisses told by hun­dreds o’er;
Thou­sands told by thou­sands more.
Mil­lions, count­less mil­lions then
Told by mil­lions o’er again;
Count­less as the drops that glide
In the ocean’s bil­lowy tide,
Count­less as yon orbs of light
Span­gled o’er the vault of night
I’ll with cease­less love bestow
On those cheeks of crim­son glow,
On those lips so gen­tly swelling,
On those eyes such fond tales telling.

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