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New ethernet switches,greatful to new life!
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TOPIC: New ethernet switches,greatful to new life!

New ethernet switches,greatful to new life! 5 years, 11 months ago #1654

March 25, 2013 (NETGEAR.Inc), a leading global enterprise networking solutions provider Netgear released a brand new NETGEAR ProSafe ® Smart edge fully managed switches M4100 series offers a set of efficient, cost-effective for network access layer Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet switch combination; commercial enterprises around the world, such as educational institutions, medical institutions, government departments to provide a new choice. The new M4100 series offers impeccable combination of high-performance, network security, video, voice, data network integration with a unified network solutions into the market, and at a very attractive price.

NETGEAR's smart edge fully managed switches M4100 series includes up to 12 rack-mounted and desktop-Managed Switch, contains the full range of the 8-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) to 50 Port Enhanced Ethernet power supply (PoE + highest power 30W) switches, power from 66W to 1440W. The series is a need for high reliability, ideal for commercial organizations and users of cost-effective and easy access layer network solutions with the CLI command-line interface, Web configuration interface IPv4 static routing, IPv4/IPv6 access control lists (ACLs) and QoS. M4100 series of advanced features, including redundant power supply and an external power supply (RPS and EPS) contribute greatly similar to VoIP, IPTV and video surveillance, wireless access point infrastructure security and high reliability.

As the large-scale use of application virtualization, voice, video, data, and some use of high-bandwidth applications such as IP telephony, and the rapid growth of video applications in small and medium-sized business market, such as hospitals, schools need to start something similar large-scale enterprise network will be used in the demand for high-bandwidth solutions. The same price of low-end solutions in the commercial enterprise market, has been unable to meet this demand, NETGEAR now able to provide a limited to large enterprise solution requires twice or three times the price in order to achieve the high-end features, compared with the The new M4100 series just $ 19 per PoE Fast Ethernet ports, PoE + Gigabit Ethernet port and $ 32.

NMS M4100 Series NETGEAR intelligent edge access layer switch for users to have scalable PoE + PoE power to full capacity excellent characteristics for entry-level switches have never seen, and I never imagined I can use the commercial price of a small network equipment purchase equipment to such excellent performance, "said Paul Blas, (Paul Blas is the co-founder of Plan Design Build Plan Design Build company is located in Dallas complete IT solutions company ,, "I am very willing to M4100 series as an optimal element, deployment my customers voice, video, data network solutions."

"We have taken note of the recent rapid growth of the commercial enterprise market in entry level managed switch, the hardware and software features very inadequate," says Maggie Wu, NETGEAR exchange product lines, senior product manager, NETGEAR for development of small and medium-scale networks M4100 series with competitive price-performance with the latest high-end features, like more to meet the traditional large-scale enterprise network market solutions, we believe, the other alternative simple like we can not provide in small and medium-sized solutions M4100 Series provide such broad characteristics. "

NETGEAR Smart edge fully managed switches M4100 series of flexible, scalable use of power management for network administrators and IT departments to provide a number of innovative network management advantages:

l enhanced security and usability: including network access control and isolation, Spanning Tree Protocol topology enforcement, DoS attack protection, redundant power supplies, supplementary PoE power.

l improved voice streaming, video streaming, data flow aggregation functions: including: LLDP-MED to automatically configure the IP phone, the best-in-class multicast filtering, MVR VLAN forwarding private VLAN Layer 2 isolation.

l Investment protection: thanks scalable PoE power (up to 1440W PoE power per switch), brought by RPS uninterruptible power protection with each port scalable full load PoE + powered.

The NETGEAR Smart Edge Managed Switch M4100 series is the commercial market's first along with the redundant power supply and external scalable power switch, VoIP, IP video surveillance, wireless access point application of key products. PoE-powered devices are great PoE power consumption parts, and solutions in existing commercial market, however, the manufacturers have rarely provide the full capacity of the power supply to provide, although most of the commercial market network server to provide dual power supply , but the switch did not.

When there is no power cabling, desktop M4100 can use provide as efficient PoE solutions, because the power switch can be provided through a combination of cable, flexible PoE switch can be used as inconvenient to deploy the meeting room of the power cord with the power of the open space.

NETGEAR Intelligent Edge Managed Switch M4100 Series Key Features:

• IPv4/IPv6 the Enhanced Layer IPv4 three static routing

• 16K MAC addresses

• automatic protocol-based VoIP and voice VLAN

• ACLs, CoS and L3/L4 Diffserv priority

• Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR)

• IGMP / MLD multicast filtering, proxy polling mode

• Proxy ARP with private VLAN advanced security features

• optional redundant external power supply (RPS / EPS)

• entry to the granularity: 1Kbps

• HTTPs Web GUI and Telnet / SSH CLI

• EEE Energy Efficient Ethernet comp
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